• Who can participate?
    • The participant should have a public social media presence on  YouTube and/or Instagram.
    • The participant should be of Indian Nationality.
  • What is the process of participation?
    • The participation is free.
    • The participant should completely fulfill the form.
    • The participant can apply several times if he/she wishes to participate through several platforms (one participation has to be submitted per platform – YouTube, Instagram).
    • Pre-registration are checked (right account, proper category, no law offense). A confirmation email is sent explaining next step for final registration.
    • WIBA team will confirm the status of submission or any issues with entry over email or Whatsapp message. Only valid posts will be accepted for final participation.
  • What is the judging criteria?

    Jury will take into consideration overall quality of the candidate’s account. Things that will make a difference: Content Quality, Originality & Creativity, Genuineness of Audience Engagement and  Influence of the creator.

    The winners will be the influencers who have followed all the rules of the competition and completed their nomination procedure. Thereafter, the winners will be chosen after a thorough inspection of their accounts and the standard of the content posted by the jury.

  • How many winners will be selected?

    There are 3 influencer categories based on the audience size.

    • New On The Block Creator: influencers with an audience size up to 50K.
    • Breakout Star: influencers with an audience size from 50K to 200K.
    • Wow Creator: influencers with an audience size over 200K

    The participant will indicate to which he/she belongs.

    There are 8 main genres (content themes):

    1. Fashion & Lifestyle
    2. Beauty & Lifestyle
    3. Travel & Food
    4. Science & Technology
    5. Infotainment
    6. Comedy
    7. Entertainment
    8. Health & Fitness.

    The participant will choose one of them while applying.

    Besides, there are 24 sub-genres.

    • For «Fashion & Lifestyle»: 3 sub-genres (How-to & Styling/Teen Fashionista/Luxury Blogger)
    • For «Beauty & Lifestyle»: 3 sub-genres (Makeup Tutorials/Product Reviewer/Makeup Artist)
    • For «Travel & Food»: 3 sub-genres (Vloggers/Advisors/Chefs)
    • For «Science & Technology»: 3 sub-genres (Tech App & Product Reviews/Experimental Blogger/Gamers)
    • For «Infotainment»: 4 sub-genres (Sport/Bollywood/News & Politics/Generalist)
    • For «Comedy»: 3 sub-genres (Sketch & skit Influencer/Stand-up comedian/Meme page)
    • For «Entertainment»: 3 sub-genres (Acting/Singing/Dancing)
    • For «Health & Fitness» 2 sub-genres (Health promoter/Fitness Promoter)

    The participant doesn’t have to choose one of these sub-genres, it is the jury who will allocate it.

    There will be UP TO one winner for each category (audience size) and sub-genre (either zero or one winner, there shall be no ex-aequo)

    Which means 3×24 = 72 winners.

    Besides, there will be a winner for each main genre, which means 8 additional winners.

    And there will be a grand winner for India who will go to Cannes.

    Up to 81 winners will be announced for WIBA India. Still, jury has the decision on selecting winners. The Jury may rule out any award/category if a satisfactory candidate is not found.

    WIBA reserves the right to grant other special prizes if some candidates deserve it.

  • When and where will the winners be announced?

    Winners shall be announced on all our Social Media handles, post the completion of contest & will be contacted by our team as well before March 2021.

  • What will be the prizes?

    The Grand Winner will be invited to Cannes Film Festival, in 2021 May, to participate in the prestigious World Influencers and Bloggers Award ceremony, with the biggest digital influencers coming from every part of the World.

    All 81 winners will be promoted (social media, press relation, media partnerships) in India.

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