24 June 2020

Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam and Gaurav Chaudhury bag wins at Cannes

India bagged three wins at the first edition of the World Bloggers Awards held in Cannes last week.   Bhuvan Bham of ‘BB Ki Vines’ won ‘Global Entertainer of the year 2019’, Ashish Chanchlani won ‘Best Comedy Influencer’ and Gaurav Chaudary was announced as the ‘Best Technical Influencer’.    The trio were among 49 winners globally.     Jacques-Oliver Broner, head of jury, World Blogger Awards 2019, said, “We have taken into consideration three kinds of criteria. Quantitative of course (number of followers, trends), but more important were qualitative aspects (pics, production, copywriting, creativity), and above all commitment, both from the fans and the influencers themselves. The relationship between bloggers and their audiences, the genuineness, the involvement are the keys to the success.”    Additionally, commenting on India’s perfect trio sweep at the awards ceremony, Jacques-Oliver added “I must admit that Indian influencers are impressive, and the proximity they have with their fans is exemplary. WBA could develop specific events for India very soon, where there is so much digital talent”.   Maria Grazhina Chaplin, founder, World Blogger Awards, said, “We were impressed by the number of applicants and their turn out. We are delighted by worldwide interest we received. Everybody is already looking forward to World Blogger Awards 2020. And India could play an important part in this journey’.”