23 February 2020

«Follow My Way»: The Anthem of the First Ever World Bloggers Awards

The world’s most popular bloggers now have their own anthem: “Follow My Way.” The song will be premiered live at the World Bloggers Awards on May 24 in Cannes, France. The media are already calling the event “an Oscar for bloggers.”

“Follow My Way” is a true anthem of inspiration and belief in oneself. It is a song that tells an inspiring and motivating success story. A song about those who opened up their souls to the world—and were heard. Those who chose their way and found it in themselves to be themselves:

I opened up my soul
Told my story to the world
And I found a place where I belong

The bloggers’ anthem is performed by Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Lyana Novak. It was composed and sound-produced by the famous Ukrainian music producer Andriy Bakun (producer of the band Mirami). The lyrics were written by Nadiya Gasyuk.

The organizers of World Bloggers Awards estimate that around 100 million people will follow the event on their idols’ pages. The ceremony, which will take place during the year’s hottest season of both the Cannes Film Festival and the Formula 1 races, will be attended by the most successful bloggers covering all walks of life, from fashion to politics.

World Bloggers Awards nominees include Gianluca Vacchi @gianlucavacchi 12M, Jay Alvarrez @jayalvarrez 6.1M, Victoria Bonya @victoriabonya 6,3M, Jonathan Cheban @foodgod 3.1M, Hofit Golan @hofitgolanofficial 967K, Sasha Chistova @sashachistova 1.5M, Lisa-Marie Schiffner @lisamarie_schiffner 1M, and many more.

World Bloggers Awards show producer Mariia Grazhina Chaplin says that “just a few years ago many businesspeople had no idea of what bloggers or blogging were. And now the popularity of blogs has grown exponentially.”